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Link Crew

The transition to jr. high school is a major event in the life of a young person, and yet very few substantial strategies for support exist in most schools. Numerous studies show that the transition to any jr. high school is marked by a period of emotional stress and discomfort for adolescents, oftentimes resulting in a decrease in academic achievement and an increasingly difficult social adjustment. It is this combination of factors that can be the impetus to poor decision making, as well as high risk and self destructive behavior.

Schools don't have to just stand by and allow this rite of passage to happen to their 8th grade students. You can, with some strategic and intentional actions, put in place a structure where 8th graders get the necessary support to successfully navigate this significant transition and start their high school experience on a positive note.

Link Crew Application Due April 22nd

Link Crew Leader Application

Applications due by Friday, April 22nd 


What is Link Crew?

Link Crew is a program at CJHS that welcomes the 8th grade class at 8th grade orientation as well as continues to support them throughout their first year of Junior High School. If you or your student is chosen to be a Link Crew Leader,  they have been identified as a person on campus who is a positive role model, responsible, possesses leadership qualities, is kind and, most importantly, has a desire to give back to her/his school community.

Being a Link Crew Leader is an important responsibility that is taken seriously. In order to build the most effective program possible, there are a series of mandatory dates that the Link Leader must attend and arrive on time in order to be a Link Crew Leader.  Our desire is to offer support for the 8th grade class as well as help Leaders develop her/his full leadership potential. 

If you have any questions please contact any of the advisors listed below.
We would love to have you on our Link team ☺

                                                                                  Sarah Wasilk                                                            Lindsey Galli                                               Sarah Hester

                                                                                Laura Monticello                                                       Grace Cook